How to Foster an Attachment for Children at the Infant Care Centre

Children have this innocence about them and their main criterion is to be happy with the authoritative figure. To keep the relationship going, it is of extreme importance to ensure that the child fosters an attachment at the infant care center with the person in charge. Here are simple methods that help along the way.

Keep it Real

When it comes to kids, nothing but the real deal works for them. In this context, when they feel comfortable with someone they will stick with the person. It also includes the comfort level they feel with the caregiver should they need to visit the toilet during school time.


It has been established across the board that children who are privy to an early childhood education automatically respond favorably as the volume increases. To ensure that the young ones get to learn at the infant care center, a mixed bag of learning must be imparted. Nursery rhymes have always been a favorite and using their hands and bodies to emphasize the point, gets them in the mood.

The Outdoors

At an child care centre singapore, children must not be mandated to stay put in one place The role of the teacher is to open up their minds to external information. The flora and occasional fauna with pets gear them up towards wanting to know about the elementary forms of gardening and pet care. It also paves the way towards learning about climates and being environmentally friendly.

Drama and Extra-Curricular Programs

Try telling a child that she has to do one particular job for an hour, and watch her squirm in dismay. However, if you do not record the time but get her involved in theatrics and drama, she will continue for over an hour! This works well in other forms too, painting, singing, recitation, and interactive games. This learning curve in itself helps the brain work in tandem with the age.

In Sum

To keep the attachment going in the center requires a simple set of teaching tools. Of course, in the early years, it is not an imperative to stick to tests and the like. However, since the competitive nature of children is always on point, it also adds to the fun when the teacher jots down the highs and the lows.

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