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An Introduction of Math Skills Early On Plays a Vital Role in the Later Years

The initial concepts of math may not stay put in the memory of a child unless the teaching methodology encourages him otherwise. During the years where normative development is crucial in the life of a child, teachers cast a wide net to get the child to comprehend numeracy. It does take some heavy lifting from the perspective of the teacher where the capacity of absorption of the student may be limited. The introduction of math skills through teacher facilitated activities helps the child power along. Here are some key math skills that play a vital role.

A sense of Numbers

Children must be able to know the numbers and ensure that they can count forward and backward. This foundation is crucial because if the child cannot comprehend the differences between numbers his ability to tackle the bigger problems later, can be difficult.

Imagery and Visual Stimulus

By inculcating a love for the subject, the teacher may get real by introducing words, symbols, objects or pictures. In doing so, the child automatically learns what goes with what and in doing so, the love for numbers may take over. During the exercise, the teacher may pose a question as to how many were there in the picture by subtly getting the child to think out of the box, and calculate.

Shapes and Sizes

Geometry through position and direction is introduced in the later years. However, from a little ones perspective, the size, direction, shape, and pattern of movement, enables him to think and reason. This logical analysis helps him along to figure out the difference between a square and a rectangle, for instance. In doing so, the spatial sense is heightened.

Units of Measurement

Visit the website Apply now OR RSVP now to learn about the methods used in encouraging kids to discover the units of measurement. The procedure entails that kids learn the basics like the weight of objects, the height, the length, the volume and so on and so forth. By doing so, the brain in powered to decipher that there is a considerable difference in velocity between a liter of water and a kilogram of chocolates!

Mental Math and Problems that Need Solving

Abacus for kids helps facilitate learning quick math and mental arithmetic across the board. It may have gone out of style in many places, but the concept is very realistic. This encourages the child to reason through logic that one answer to the problem is not always the solution.

In a nutshell, the basics of abaci early on in school, helps the child decide his future.

Fun activities for enrichment classes

Importance of Early Childhood Education:

It is true that many parents have reservations about sending their children to playschools. This is because they are apprehensive that their children may be negatively influenced and the value that they have learnt in their home may get diluted. However, researches have shown that children who are enrolled to preschool programs benefit more from formal education. Preschool programs increase the IQ of the child and also make them better behaved as they learn to cooperate with their peers and the team spirit is also shaped in these preschool programs.

Many psychologists are of the opinion that children learn the best when they are not pushed very hard and are made to learn at their own pace. In preschool children learn at their own pace. Also it’s a psychologically proven fact that children learn better when they are taught with care and kindness. In preschool, children are taught with a lot of care.

Enrichment activities for toddlers:

In Singapore there are many such preschool programs. Many children going to these preschool programs are interested in extracurricular activities like sports or some form of art. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore are arranged to make these children better in activities outside academics. It is very important that parents get involved in such activities along with their children, because parents have maximum impact on their children. There are many enrichment classes for toddlers that include parents in it too. Some of them are:

Artistic activities: in Singapore the Armory Centre for Art has many fun activities that are designed in such a manner that they involve the participation of parents along with their children. Both parents and children are involved in art activities and it reinforces what the child and the parents learn together.

Visit to museums: a visit to a museum is one of the most enriching learning experience for the child, especially if it involves parents and children together. Parents and children can have a discussion about the artefacts that they are looking at and what exactly attracts the attention of the child.

Exploring the internet: the internet has a plethora of knowledge. There is no dearth of knowledge in the World Wide Web. Online explorations can only enhance the knowledge that the child has assimilated. The parents can help the child sieve out the best knowledge from the mind boggling range in the internet.

Activities for teens and tweens: enrichment classes for kids like community services for teens and tweens are a good source of learning for them.

How to Foster an Attachment for Children at the Infant Care Centre

Children have this innocence about them and their main criterion is to be happy with the authoritative figure. To keep the relationship going, it is of extreme importance to ensure that the child fosters an attachment at the infant care center with the person in charge. Here are simple methods that help along the way.

Keep it Real

When it comes to kids, nothing but the real deal works for them. In this context, when they feel comfortable with someone they will stick with the person. It also includes the comfort level they feel with the caregiver should they need to visit the toilet during school time.


It has been established across the board that children who are privy to an early childhood education automatically respond favorably as the volume increases. To ensure that the young ones get to learn at the infant care center, a mixed bag of learning must be imparted. Nursery rhymes have always been a favorite and using their hands and bodies to emphasize the point, gets them in the mood.

The Outdoors

At an child care centre singapore, children must not be mandated to stay put in one place The role of the teacher is to open up their minds to external information. The flora and occasional fauna with pets gear them up towards wanting to know about the elementary forms of gardening and pet care. It also paves the way towards learning about climates and being environmentally friendly.

Drama and Extra-Curricular Programs

Try telling a child that she has to do one particular job for an hour, and watch her squirm in dismay. However, if you do not record the time but get her involved in theatrics and drama, she will continue for over an hour! This works well in other forms too, painting, singing, recitation, and interactive games. This learning curve in itself helps the brain work in tandem with the age.

In Sum

To keep the attachment going in the center requires a simple set of teaching tools. Of course, in the early years, it is not an imperative to stick to tests and the like. However, since the competitive nature of children is always on point, it also adds to the fun when the teacher jots down the highs and the lows.

Visit Apply now OR RSVP now and learn about the modus operandi and the value that the center brings to the table for parents and their little ones.

3 simple tricks to ace your IP science paper


Performance pressure, balancing academics with extracurricular and the ability (or lack of it) to manage time well, are a few of the factors that come in the way of performing well in your IP science paper and make you dread the subject. Science requires a lot of brain picking and analysing and at this level you’re expected to think and approach the subject differently from the regular O level examination mindset. To continue to perform well in science, you have to once again start enjoying the subject.

Here are a few tricks to help you ace science:

Poor performance in a subject is often not necessarily because of the inability to grasp the concept; it is also the fear of the subject and other factors mentioned above, that come in the way. With a subject like science, you either understand or you don’t. There are no cheats that can help you solve a problem without understanding it. So you need to get all factors sorted before you can start performing well.

  1. Organise your study time

IP requires you to have both self discipline and time management skills. The best place to start practising this is at home.  Organise your study time in such a way that you have time to do other things (outside academics) as well. This will help you to not begrudge any subject including science.

  1. A happy study area

A well-lit, bright study area makes you want to tackle even the most difficult subjects. Make the space comfortable, you will spend a lot of time there. Whatever cheers you up should be on the desk. Anything that helps you to relax: stress balls, music, etc should also be there. It will instantly work wonders on your approach to the subject.

  1. Get help

Despite doing the above two points, if you still feel the subject is somewhat drowning you, get help by joining a centre that offers science tuition for IP students. The wonderful thing about them is that they teach you to love the subject. The teachers in the best centres are empathetic, knowledgeable and great guides. Their in-depth approach to the subject, keeping the IP teaching structure in mind, will help you to get a fresh perspective and excited about science once again.

A structured study timetable, a happy study area, and IP science tuition classes will definitely make you fall in love with science again. The moment you start loving the subject, will you also be able to start acing it.

How science tuition for IP students help

Even the most academically brilliant student might struggle with a subject. And there’s nothing wrong to admit it. Subjects that require an analytical approach for problem solving such as science, especially require extra attention.

There are many reasons how getting science tuition classes for IP students could help.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Best teachers in the field

The best tuition centres employ the best teachers in the field. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are able to gauge a child’s need.

  • Proper guidance

Whenever children get stuck on a difficult topic, they try to look for ways around it rather than deal with it. Unfortunately, with science that is not possible. It is based on application of the knowledge gained so if a topic isn’t well-grasped, the student will not be able to apply that knowledge effectively, leading to a bad grade.

Besides, many topics are only touched upon in class and teachers expect students to grasp the concepts in depth through homework and self study. Only when a student starts getting into the topic can he/she realize where the problem lies and most often that is not identified in a classroom but at home.

These teachers are equipped to answer all queries; besides at tuition centres they analyse the topics in depth.

  • A fresh perspective

A good tuition centre often helps a child to see and approach a problem from a different angle. It provides that fresh pair of eyes which helps to get clarity. When the subject is taught again outside classroom, by a different teacher, the student often gets two or more perspectives on the topic, helping him to get a holistic understanding of the subject.

  • Takes the pressure off

Many students feel pressured to perform well in the IP scheme and just the pressure overwhelms them. The classroom environment of a good tuition centre is less intimidating and warmer, helping the student to relax and pay attention on understanding the subject.

  • Different teaching method

IP has a unique approach to studying subjects, encouraging students to think for themselves. The tuition centres are aware of how the IP system works and their approach to teaching is in accordance with this method.

  • Individual attention

Most places that offer IP science tuition understand that a subject like this requires a more personalised attention and that is why the tuition class has lesser students.

The IP scheme is designed by the Ministry of Education for students to enjoy the process of learning; not to overwhelm them. It teaches them to be leaders. Taking that extra help lets students see the larger picture.

Methods of Improving English In Primary Students

Primary school is the age in which the child is just transitioning from learning letters and small words into forming full sentences and paragraphs. This is the time when it is most important for them to have a solid base of learning so that they are able to grasp this knowledge better and it will remain with them all their life and hence it is important for them to join Primary School English tuition .

For any language study, it is important that the child knows the role grammar plays in the language. At a young age, the child will not be able to learn the rules and other strict positions of grammar and hence it is important that the teacher puts forth these concepts in such a way that they get embedded into the child’s mind naturally these are some of the methods that they can use to do this.

SWRL method

This is one of the best methods that can be used for teaching the English language to children and it stands for Speak, Write, Read and Listen. Any teacher who teaches the lessons should make sure that they follow this Speak, Write, Read and Listen every day. These are the methods in which a teacher can integrate each of these actions in their daily plan separately


The teacher can have a communications or a story telling class where the child can come in front of his or her classmates and say a few sentences that they have formed or tell the students a short story that they know. This not only helps them with their language skills but also helps them improve their public speaking and these children are less likely to get stage fright.


A word of the day chart can be made for each classroom and the children are encouraged to use these words in as many sentences as they can.


For most students, the library class is always a favorite as they get to read something that is not in their curriculum or that isn’t a textbook. By encouraging the child to read more they become familiar with the formations of sentences and unknowingly learn the rules of grammar.


The most effective way of inculcating listening in primary school kids is by having story time in which the teacher reads out small stories to the children and then asks them simple questions related to the stories so as to make sure that the children were listening.