3 simple tricks to ace your IP science paper

Performance pressure, balancing academics with extracurricular and the ability (or lack of it) to manage time well, are a few of the factors that come in the way of performing well in your IP science paper and make you dread the subject. Science requires a lot of brain picking and analysing and at this level you’re expected to think and approach the subject differently from the regular O level examination mindset. To continue to perform well in science, you have to once again start enjoying the subject.

Here are a few tricks to help you ace science:

Poor performance in a subject is often not necessarily because of the inability to grasp the concept; it is also the fear of the subject and other factors mentioned above, that come in the way. With a subject like science, you either understand or you don’t. There are no cheats that can help you solve a problem without understanding it. So you need to get all factors sorted before you can start performing well.

  1. Organise your study time

IP requires you to have both self discipline and time management skills. The best place to start practising this is at home.  Organise your study time in such a way that you have time to do other things (outside academics) as well. This will help you to not begrudge any subject including science.

  1. A happy study area

A well-lit, bright study area makes you want to tackle even the most difficult subjects. Make the space comfortable, you will spend a lot of time there. Whatever cheers you up should be on the desk. Anything that helps you to relax: stress balls, music, etc should also be there. It will instantly work wonders on your approach to the subject.

  1. Get help

Despite doing the above two points, if you still feel the subject is somewhat drowning you, get help by joining a centre that offers science tuition for IP students. The wonderful thing about them is that they teach you to love the subject. The teachers in the best centres are empathetic, knowledgeable and great guides. Their in-depth approach to the subject, keeping the IP teaching structure in mind, will help you to get a fresh perspective and excited about science once again.

A structured study timetable, a happy study area, and IP science tuition classes will definitely make you fall in love with science again. The moment you start loving the subject, will you also be able to start acing it.