Why do Firms Prefer Savvy IB Candidates

Why do Firms Prefer Savvy IB Candidates

A good student will always get ahead in life. The point dinned in at the very beginning is to ensure that the percentage scored is high. Unfortunately, kids sometimes end up rote learning with no substantive material retained.

The ISS IB programme is such a wonder for children primarily because they are opened to other aspects in the education curve rather than the same old methodology.

Here are a few reasons why IB candidates while searching for jobs, end up with appointment letters earlier than their peers.
� Given the fact that the curriculum is not run of the mill, children with a detailed international baccalaureate certificate have huge potential. They think, reason and analyze both in and out of the box. They are able to get ahead primarily because of a disciplined outlook and the ability to strategize rather well.
� Subjects include various categories where mathematics is definitely on the cards, especially in the early years of childhood learning. Without this basic in the education pattern, one may not be able to get ahead. The reason being that basic equations can help sort out a host of problems down the line.
� The study of humanities is never a general option in every textbook during the early and latter learning years in the IB stream. Since this is pretty relevant for today�s time, the need for kids to be progressive in their thinking patterns helps them evolve and become better in their choice of career and as humans in general.
� Learning a language different from one�s home language is a wonderful way to keep the levels of communication open. Schools and colleges that offer this as an alternative in the classroom have helped young adults better their goals for the future.
� Talking with a child who has the ability to think differently is not an easy ride. From the point of view of an employer, a student who has completed the IB course is definitely a frontrunner for a job. The reason is that the individual has been able to use her/his powers of concentration, analysis, dialogue, and a host of other education learning patterns to better her/his score.
� The international baccalaureate/IB is not easy on the pocket. However, scholarships are available for students with the capability, grit and determination to get into the course. It also helps in one�s career if one has an IB diploma under her/his belt.

To put it in perspective, a candidate who has completed the IB course is a quick learner, ergo s/he will be a firm contender for the job, period.

Playgroup is not all playing

The first few years of a childs life are spent playing around without any responsibility or worry. These are the most essential years when it comes to learning. The brain develops up to age 5 and that is when children can learn the most. Now, you might be worried. Sending your toddler to playgroups in Singapore Even at home activities do not involve much information. Are you wasting your childs learning years?

The answer is no. Playing and goofing around may seem pointless but it is a very effective way of teaching young children. Little ones who cant differentiate between sounds of different letters get to learn a lot more in children playgroups than you think.

1. Shapes and objects

Children playgroup involves rooms full of toys. You might think these are just for kids to play with to spend time and have fun. But the different shaped toys are your toddler’s first steps to learning shapes. This is where they learn the difference between a triangle and a cylinder, a ball and a block. The teachers are trained to encourage curiosity in the children who become eager to explore different objects around the room. While they might be just looking for their favorite ball, they will be learning new shapes and object types.

2. Colors

Have you ever seen a preschool that is not colorful? Of course not. The whole point of preschools and children playgroups are to be attractive and fun. Other than that, the colors around the place teach toddlers the color names as well. If not the names, they will start to learn the colors of objects. For example, they will now know that the sun and egg yolk are same colors. Being surrounded in colors also ignites creativity.

3. Alphabets

You will never find a toddler school or day care without some kind of alphabet toys. There are blocks that need to be arranged alphabetically, foam letters that will fit like a puzzle and so much more. These little things aid the learning process. First the kids get familiar with the new alphabets and gradually they learn to differentiate and point out alphabets on their own.

4. Numbers

Numbers are pretty much the same as alphabets. Other than that, assembling toys and little counting activities help with the mathematical skills. Games like shopkeeper encourage a pre-math learning. Reading the clock and concept of time also begins here.

5. Mind to hand coordination

Your kid could be imagining a straight line but theres no chance they can draw it without the help of a scale. They also cannot cut along lines. It is because the mind to hand coordination is weak in children. Activities held in children playgroups polish this skill. Your child will learn not just cutting, but also drawing. With a large collection of art supplies and harmless scissors, kids can play around but all this while, they will be learning an important skill.

6. Sharing

It is highly likely that you toddler is the only one of that age in your home. There could be older or younger siblings but most of the toddler toys belong only to your little one. There is no sharing as such. They are at the age where they get everything they demand for. Children playgroup helps to teach your toddler sharing. There are many students in the same class and more than one could share the same favorite toy. The skill to share equally develops in such an environment. This trait is useful for the entire life. Preschool is also the first socializing place for kids

Benefits of Learning Chinese in Kindergarten

No matter whether you are an expatriate living in China or not, picking up the basic skills in the Chinese language can help you get started with this language. But, when you try to gain expertise over Chinese Mandarin, it is easier to get deep into the Chinese culture as well as enjoy a meaningful experience.

If you are hesitating whether you should enroll your kid in an institute offering a mandarin class for children or not, be assured that your little ones will benefit in many ways. Not only will it help them in their daily conversations, researches have revealed that it needs more brainpower to learn Chinese as compared to learning some other languages like English. The reason for this is that learning Chinese needs understanding of various characters and tone. Moreover, it utilizes and accesses bigger areas of your kids brains. There are so many benefits when you ensure that your kindergarten going kid starts learning the Chinese language. Kids can gain competitively as well as developmentally when they learn Chinese at a young age. Hence, many educationalists claim it is the ripest age for them to start learning the language when kids start going to kindergarten school.

It makes sense, to begin with the youngest pupils

Various studies claim that when kids are exposed to a second foreign language very early in life, they are more comfortable in developing fluency and expertise in that non-native language. Plus, since very young kids are still in the process of getting familiar with their mother tongue, a natural and similar methodology can be used for exposing them to another language in their schools. In many bilingual programs, there are usually two teachers in a classroom. One of them is a Chinese while the other is an international. Both of them interact with the kids in their own native languages, Chinese and English. Additionally, some schools use the methodology of learning while playing. The model takes into consideration the natural curiosities and interests of the kids. The teachers work hand in hand to develop and inculcate their interests through knowledge imparted to them in an engaging manner.

In order to ensure that that language development skills of young kids are effectively supported, teachers of a good institute should collaborate in such an environment where the opportunities for learning are based upon the present experiences and interest of the kids. When an institute adopts such a varied and rich learning experience, it helps in facilitating the language development process at their own paces and levels. When students in Kindergarten schools are immersed in a bilingual environment, which is directly linked to their interests, kids are engaged well and initiate the process of using their skills in the Chinese language through a chain of meaningful interactions.

Chinese can be used as a primary tool for understanding culture

You are aware that in kindergarten classrooms, kids start learning certain subjects while being exposed to different types of curriculum, thus helping them to develop well-rounded skills. Apart from learning how to build up language skills, when your young kids study Chinese, they are prone to become culturally competent and globally focused. Your kids get the experience of a bilingual learning curriculum, which features a robust Chinese language course. It is usually based on several years of thorough research. Plus, a good institute ensures that the curriculum is continuously re-evaluated as well as restructured to meet the changing requirements of the young pupils.

When your kid learns a second language, they can comfortably interact and communicate with people from diverse cultures. Your child also has a multicultural perspective, which can help them understand different aspects of the world.

How Can You Make Your Kids Love Learning Chinese?

Do you want your children to learn Mandarin Chinese ? In case, you have made up your mind to get them admitted in a mandarin class for children then they will also become a part of over one billion people in the world who speak it as a primary or a secondary language. Thus, you are all set to take a big leap towards making your litter ones global citizens who may get a yearly head start in the future employment market and will also become smarter.

But though there are several merits of learning the Chinese language, making your kids interested in it can really be quite a struggle. It is specifically true in the beginning of your child’s language journey. The initial adaptation process can be frustrating for the kids as it is not easy for them to realize and appreciate the real benefits of picking up Chinese.

However, you should not feel disappointed since there are various interesting ways that will make sure that your children get interested in learning the language. In fact, you will soon find your kids will look forward to attaining proficiency in this language,

Cooking with your kid

Is your kid interested in practical activities? If that is the case, cooking is an excellent method for learning as well as maintaining their interest in the Chinese language. So, how about planning a session on cooking with your kids soon? However, you need to ensure that you get the instructions and the recipe printed in the Chinese language. Tell the kids to read out the recipe while you are in the process of assembling the dish. You can also teach your child important nouns and verbs while both of you cook together.

Chinese magazines/books

It is a globally-connected society today and many popular books in the category of both non-fiction and fiction have been translated into various other languages. When you get Chinese versions of some of the popular books for your kids, it is a fantastic and innovative way of getting them interested in the Mandarin Chinese language. In fact, you should look out for Chinese versions of some of the best-selling works, which are specifically written for teens and kids and hand them over to the little ones. While they read these books, they will start getting interested in the story plots and would definitely want to pick up more vocabulary in Chinese so that they are able to understand more and read these books even faster.


It can be a short trip to your nearest Chinatown to savor some delicious and authentic dumplings or a bowl of a Chinese soup to get your kids interested in the Chinese culture. Alternatively, you can also go for a relaxed family holiday to the sea beaches and towns of China. If you travel to a Chinese-speaking place with your children, they will be more curious and it can also trigger their interest to learn Chinese. At various occasions, it is not an easy job to inspire your kids to learn Chinese. It is specifically true when they are being brought up in an English-speaking ambiance ever since they were born. You can tell the kids some days before the trip that they should speak in Chinese to communicate with the local people. Now that means using the language to order their food, querying for directions and finding out the restrooms. When your kids understand that learning the Chinese language is a requirement and not a nice to know skill during the trip, they will definitely get motivated to learn Chinese either complete dedication.

Learning the language does not necessarily have to be memorizing the notes or solving worksheets in their character books. The above-mentioned ideas can really make learning the Chinese language a fun and exciting experience. Finally, your complete support is very crucial to improve the Chinese speaking skill of your child. You should spare some time from your hectic schedule to read with them, travel with them, participate in fun activities, which interest them and cook together while you expose them to the Chinese language.

Teach Them Young: Why Teaching Chinese At Kindergarten Level Is More Effective

Apart from growing really fast, children learn at an extraordinary pace. Researchers have noticed that young children,

who were exposed to more than one language, have an easy time understanding and assimilating information. It is natural to

wonder where this super information processing power disappears to while we grow older.

Why do children learn a new language with relative ease?

” explain that when it comes to learning there is critical period (CP) for

acquisition of language. CP is explained as the process of transition when the ability to assimilate a primary language decreases

and is replaced by a systemic process of mindful problem-solving capacity to complete a given task. A second language is therefore

distributed across the mind and help is sought from different parts of the brain. To explain in simpler terms, this means to say that

while children learn new language as a part of their emotional development, adults rely on previously learnt information to assimilate and process new knowledge.

” However, the mode of adult learning does not limit the ability to pick up a new language like Chinese but given the fundamental difference

between a child s organic learning and a high-schooler s systematic knowledge processing, time taken varies greatly.

” Young children are predisposed to be attentive of the language spoken around them. They seek novelty for everything they come across is mostly new.

They are passionately curious which is why it is impossible to keep them seated for long periods of time. It is widely accepted that learning and memory is enhanced when the subject is viewed as interesting. Holding a child s attention is far easier than that of a high schooler. A child is fascinated when given a brush and sheet of paper and asked to paint Chinese characters, a high school student, not as much usually.

Teaching a complexly beautiful language like Chinese is therefore easier when it is at the level of kindergarten than high school.

” Learning a new language for a child is easy also because they have lesser complex information to understand. Learning at a young age is predominantly

associated words with their meaning. In high school, learning includes grammar and sentence construction apart from understanding meaning. Such an added weight increases the complexity of learning Chinese.

” Children, inherently possess low levels of self-awareness. It is natural for them to stand up and start dancing or singing out loud without worrying what

others will think of them. Sadly, as we grow older, there are invisible rules of decorum we are expected to maintain. Such a limitation makes us conscious of

mistakes and often limits us from trying something new. Children speak without worrying about the number of mistakes they are making or the coherency of the sentence.

The situation is not the same for young adults. As and when the child makes mistakes, it is corrected, but since adults shy from speaking they are not assessed for their skills.

” A child s mind is like a sponge: it imbibes information, greedily. But, for a young adult, information must be learnt through conscious effort through construction of mind maps. There are higher chances of information getting misplaced when attempted consciously.

To understand the concept of unconscious learning better, think of the times when you hear jingles on the radio or TV. When a same jingle is heard over and over again, you start to sing along.

Although, educationalists are trying to device methods for unconscious learning in adults, teaching them young is effective in the interim. Kindergarteners who were exposed to immersion classes of Mandarin Chinese showed exceptional results in reading and writing when they reached 5th grade as compared to students who were exposed to the language at a later time.

If you do not want your child to miss out on learning chinese at a young age, you can consider sending them to chengzhu chinese kindergarten, more information can be found on their website.

Fun activities for enrichment classes

Importance of Early Childhood Education:

It is true that many parents have reservations about sending their children to playschools. This is because they are apprehensive that their children may be negatively influenced and the value that they have learnt in their home may get diluted. However, researches have shown that children who are enrolled to preschool programs benefit more from formal education. Preschool programs increase the IQ of the child and also make them better behaved as they learn to cooperate with their peers and the team spirit is also shaped in these preschool programs.

Many psychologists are of the opinion that children learn the best when they are not pushed very hard and are made to learn at their own pace. In preschool children learn at their own pace. Also it’s a psychologically proven fact that children learn better when they are taught with care and kindness. In preschool, children are taught with a lot of care.

Enrichment activities for toddlers:

In Singapore there are many such preschool programs. Many children going to these preschool programs are interested in extracurricular activities like sports or some form of art. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore are arranged to make these children better in activities outside academics. It is very important that parents get involved in such activities along with their children, because parents have maximum impact on their children. There are many enrichment classes for toddlers that include parents in it too. Some of them are:

Artistic activities: in Singapore the Armory Centre for Art has many fun activities that are designed in such a manner that they involve the participation of parents along with their children. Both parents and children are involved in art activities and it reinforces what the child and the parents learn together.

Visit to museums: a visit to a museum is one of the most enriching learning experience for the child, especially if it involves parents and children together. Parents and children can have a discussion about the artefacts that they are looking at and what exactly attracts the attention of the child.

Exploring the internet: the internet has a plethora of knowledge. There is no dearth of knowledge in the World Wide Web. Online explorations can only enhance the knowledge that the child has assimilated. The parents can help the child sieve out the best knowledge from the mind boggling range in the internet.

Activities for teens and tweens: enrichment classes for kids like community services for teens and tweens are a good source of learning for them.

Urban Legend

I need a legend that is not considered a “true urban legend”?

I am writing an English paper and I need to write about a legend that does not fit the criteria to be an urban legend. Any help would be appreciated.

Robin Hood is an heroic outlaw in English folklore. A highly skilled archer and swordsman, he is known for “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,” assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his “Merry Men.” Robin and many of his men wore Lincoln greenclothes.

There are many songs and stories about him, starting in medieval times, and continuing through more modern literature, films, and television series. In the earliest sources Robin Hood is a commoner, but he was often later portrayed as an aristocrat, wrongfully dispossessed of his lands and made into an outlaw.

Scooby Doo Winter

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When planning your kids party foods, you will want to keep things simple and theme-related. In addition, since many kids can be persnickety eaters, you will want to be sure to present them with foods that are familiar and enjoyable.


Take ordinary food and give them theme-related names and you will have instant success with your little ones. They’ll be clamoring to eat your fun foods. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Hot Dogs – Served at a Scooby Doo theme party could be called Scooby Dogs. Serve them at a beach party and they take on a new title like Octo-Dogs. If you’re throwing a dinosaur theme party those same hotdogs instantly become Dino-Dogs. At a SpongeBob party you could call them Squidward Dogs.

Hamburgers – Serve your basic hamburger at a construction themed party and you could call them Bulldozer Burgers. Serve them up at a SpongeBob party and they might be called Krabby Patties.

French Fries – At a Spongebob Party they must be Krab Fries.

Pizza – Turns into Plankton’s Pizza at a SpongeBob Party.

Macaroni and Cheese – Serve this kids favorite party food at a Curious George party and call it Monkey Mac & Cheese. At a Hello Kitty party, you could tint it pink and call it Purr-fect Pink Mac & Cheese. For a Rubber Ducky party, duck-a-roni & cheese is in order.

Chicken Nuggets – For a pirate party, call them Golden Nuggets or Fools Gold.

Ultimately, what you want to do is to think of words that are associated with your theme and see if you can incorporate them into your food titles. All you have to do is make some fun signs and place them by each entree or snack on your buffet table. This will instantly give your kids party food table Yummmm Appeal! Everything tastes better when it has a fun party name.


No need to stress yourself unnecessarily. Prepare as much of the food as possible the day before the party. Either cut-up or buy ready-made and cut-up fresh veggies and fruit. Just be sure to put your raw veggies into cold water to keep them fresh and coat your apples with lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown.


If you have decided to make your own birthday cake, consider baking it a few days or a week ahead of time and freeze it. Then, the day before the party thaw and decorate it. In the alternative, buy a cake that is already frosted and then all you will have to do is personalize it with themed decorations and a birthday greeting.


To free up refrigerator space, place bottles of water, juice, and milk boxes into coolers with ice. If you are planning to serve punch, then start a week ahead of time and freeze punch into your ice cube trays and place the punch cubes in ZipLoc bags in the freezer. Then the day of the party, they will be ready to add to your punch bowl, along with the other ingredients.

Bottom Line: Just remember to stay with the familiar, think fun, think theme, and you’ll be creating yummmm appeal in no time at all!

Find more yummy Party Food Ideas by visiting the Birthday Party Ideas 101 website, a party planning website written and edited by Professional Organizer, Elizabeth Chastain.

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Rock Rock

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While composers like Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber still hold dominion over West End musicals in the public eye – particularly with televised cast auditions for shows like the Wizard of Oz providing a prime time advertising campaign for that traditional brand of musical – the more down-to-earth alternative of the classic rock opera is still a mainstay of the stage.

While it’s unlikely you’ll see rock operas attracting sell-out crowds at mainstream venues such as the London Palladium, this ever-popular brand of musical is still a firm favourite of audiences who know how to look beyond the glitz and find musicals that really rock. One place they can reliably turn is Broadway.

Indeed, all four ‘best musical’ nominees for this year’s Tony Awards, the prestigious accolade of American theatre, are fundamentally rock operas, though with varying degrees of integrity and acceptance by traditional rock fans. The Green Day inspired American Idiot and the Afrobeat of Fela! are up against Memphis and Million Dollar Quartet, both of which look back to the golden age of rock and roll. It’s a theatrical battle of the bands that is sending out a clear message to theatre-goers and producers alike – the rock musical is far from dead.

While rock musicals have often faced criticism for failing to live up to the ideal of a traditional rock concert, the best don’t simply aim to transfer the live music experience to the stage, but will involve an intriguing and electrifying plot that captures the spirit and attitude conveyed by the music, though this can be a challenge to pull off expertly.

Some overcome these teething problems by seeking creative ways to break down the barriers of the accepted musical form. One case in point is the classic rock opera Hair, now enjoying a new lease of life at London’s Gielgud Theatre, which involves the audience directly and still has much of the anarchic energy that made it such a controversial hit during its original run.

Others are less successful in making the transition from best-selling album to stage, something that is arguably the case with American Idiot, which Green Day fans have argued was already ‘complete’ in its original CD form. By weaving a story through songs and lyrics, songwriters don’t even require a stage to tell their musical stories, but can let it play out in the minds of their fans.

This may be one reason why so many fans of musicals seek to relive their audience experience soon after attending shows with the help of online music streaming, and it is the mark of an effective musical that the songs remain fresh and engaging even when the choreography and costumes are stripped away.

Learn more about online music streaming. Adam Singleton writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Dvd Western

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Since the plastic contained in standard DVD packaging is a known environmental pollutant destined to remain in landfills indefinitely, the demand for more sustainable DVD packaging options has grown. In fact, if the demand for more eco-friendly packaging options continues to grow at its current rate, this type of packaging may soon become the norm rather than the exception. Consequently, DVD producers and manufacturers are always looking for innovative and efficient ways to meet this increased consumer demand.

The main factor driving this growth is the ever-popular “green” movement which has gained worldwide acceptance in recent years. Due to increased media scrutiny, consumers are now more aware than ever of their own carbon footprint and are eager for product options that reduce their impact on the environment. Therefore, more and more consumers are throwing their considerable purchasing power behind products that support environmentally friendly efforts. For these consumers, DVDs packaged with biodegradable, recycled or renewable materials have a distinct competitive advantage over those that do not.

With sustainable DVD packaging, excess materials are kept to a bare minimum and those that are used are often comprised of 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. A couple examples of sustainable materials being used in this effort include potato or tapioca starch. These options are both readily available, easily renewable and have a minimal impact on the environment. In fact, the environmental impact of these materials is as much as 85 – 90% less when compared to more traditional packaging options. Other popular earth-friendly options include recycled newsprint and cardboard made from 100% post-consumer waste.

Beyond being inherently environmentally friendly, these more sustainable DVD packaging options also provide the added benefit of being more compact than traditional methods. Whereas older DVD packaging options are bulkier and comprised mostly of non-biodegradable plastic, newer sustainable versions are more sleek and streamlined. The primary benefit to this is that more units can be stored and shipped in the same amount of space. This reduces the environmental impact of transporting the product from the manufacturing facility to the end user because shipping methods become more streamlined and efficient. This also lessens the amount of material needed to pack and store the units while they make their way through the delivery channel. The combined effect is less waste in not only the DVD packaging itself, but in the way it is brought to market, as well.

Of course, in addition to being eco-friendly, sustainable DVD packaging must still fulfill basic functional roles such as protecting the contents inside. Fortunately, as advances are made in the manufacturing process, many of these newer materials are showing drop test ratings comparable to traditional plastic packaging options. Further, packaging made from these materials provides a lot of flexibility in terms of design and style options. This is because they are available in an unlimited range of colors and configurations. This allows the packaging to also serve its more functional role as a sales and marketing tool for the product inside.

Carmen Fontana is Web Services Manager for Western Reserve Internet Services.
Napco USA offers sustainable DVD packaging as well as custom binders, slipcases and custom folders.